Hi! I'm Danny a Health Coach & Sports Rehabilitator



Getting in shape is not meant to be a torturous endeavour. There may be a sore muscle or two along the way. Getting fit should be enjoyed, not dreaded. I am motivated to improve your fitness, health, and well being which is not only a privilege but incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. 



Making Fitness Fun

I offer a range of online fitness classes, personal training and sports rehabilitation in East Devon, just a few miles from Exeter. Whether you are looking for a weight loss program, a chance to make new friends whilst being active, training for a specific goal or get back moving after an injury Danny Watts is hear to help you. 


1- 2- 1 COACHING

A Healthier You

Together we'll create your unique program to develop your needs and to help you enjoy exercise.  This entails a combination of exercises especially designed for you, together with your bespoke healthy diet to develop and maintain your optimal body shape. 



Personalised training with friends or family

Train with friends or family at a time that suits you with online fitness sessions. Together we will design a training program that suits your needs whether that's getting fit or transforming your body your unique program will get you feeling great all while having fun.


Returning to a healthier and fitter you.

I will assess your pains and ailments and develop a program to help your needs. Let's get you back to doing the things you love in no time!

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Forging Friendships Through Fitness

Train with others via online fitness classes and start to enjoy the benefits of group exercise in the comfort of your own home. No matter your age or ability you will achieve your goals, whether it's weight loss, being healthy or getting fitter, we will have you feeling great. 



Brilliant personal trainer and definitely keeps you motivated and makes training enjoyable. Very knowledgable, everything you’d want and need in a PT. During the lockdown, the videos have really helped me stay exercising and will continue to do so.

Lauren Hall

Danny is such a great PT will help all abilities to get the best out of any workout. He got me moving again after a back injury, and will be able to motivate anyone to move!!!
Brilliant workouts, and words of encouragement.. can’t recommend him enough!

Rebecca Stuckey

Danny is a fabulous PT. He has helped me with my running injuries and kept me running. He has been extremely motivating, in particular when I had thyroid problems to keep on top of my weight. During this lockdown, my daughters and I have been following his workouts which we all love and find challenging.

Elaine Peters

The expertise and guidance Dan is providing me through my strength training sessions have been amazing. I have struggled in the past where I would go to the gym with no plan and basically see what was free at the time. Now I have a plan every time I walk into the gym or do a home workout. Highly recommend anyone looking for a Personal Trainer to get in touch with him.

Matt Le Prevost


07786 004 117

Farringdon, Exeter, EX5 2HY

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